Chapter 1 - 土地と水 Tochi to Mizu: Land & Water

Chapter 1 - 土地と水 Tochi to Mizu: Land & Water

Inspired by the embodiment of earth; Tochi to Mizu is Japanese and translated in English as "Land and Water". This is the first collection of swimwear joumi has designed especially for the modest women. The collection consists of 2 styles, and 5 colours, with accessories ranging from hijab, bandana's and turbans. This collection was inspired by the beginnings of earth and created to be worn with inclusiveness in mind, for women of all shape and size can feel confident. Our swimwear is crafted with a 4 way stretch & fast
drying Recycled Polyester & Spandex blend that has been approved by GRS (Global Recycle Standard) by the textile exchange org.

"Tochi" - Translated in English as "land", is our swimsuit duo that is available in 2 colours, black and iced pewter, - emulating some of earths natural chemical elements such as carbon and iron. Steel is the alloy of carbon and iron, which by far is the most widely used material for building the world's infrastructure and industries, and used to fabricate many of our everyday items such as sewing needles.


The tochi duo consists of an asymmetric long sleeve swim top, that features an invisible zip, removable breast pads, a high turtle-neck neckline that which can also be worn as a collar when zipped down. As well as a tie, that can be tied at the front or the back to your desire. The pants are high waisted and straight leg featuring pockets, with 2 sets of buttons to secure them to your top to avoid the top from riding up too high, and also buttons at the ankles, which allow you to wear it as a loose style, or a cuffed style.

"Mizu" - Translated in English as "water", is our swimsuit trio that is available in 3 colours, melaleuca green, oyster blue, and frosted blue - emulating the colours of different bodies of water, which is the main constituent of Earth's hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms. It is vital for all known forms of life, even though it provides neither food, energy, nor organic micronutrients, it is the survival of life.


The mizu trio consists of 3 parts, the body top, the tights, and the skirt (sarong). The top also featuring invisible zips, and removable breast pads; is a leotard style, with buttons that allow access from the bottom, so access in and out of the top isn't limited. The tights are also high waisted, and features pockets to hold those items as big as your iPhone max. The skirt is adjustable at the waist, that wraps around the waist, in any style that you feel comfortable, the split can be worn on what side you choose, so movement is not limited, and access to your pockets around the skirt is easy.
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