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This collection contains colours inspired by an Australian Spring/Summer, and pieces inspired by a modern contemporary (monochromatic) Indo/Malay attire by the name of: 'Baju Kurung/Kurong' (Unisex)
 The term 'Baju Kurung/Kurong' is loosely translated to mean “Concealing Dress”. It is a loose-fitting outfit that covers the wearer's body without showing its form.
In the 1st part of the collection we bring you elevated basics to bring in the new year. Crafted with a medium weight 100% soft to the touch cotton. Making these pieces so breathable to have on during those hot sticky days.
In the 2nd collection we bring you pieces crafted with a linen blend of 70 % linen and 30% cotton or viscose. A series of more elevated essentials for your wardrobe.
Whatever the day is, It will be your new favourite go to pieces. You can wear them as they are or Mix and match the pieces and colours.
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